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June 01, 2009


Ginny Adkins

Great work!!! these are wonderful!


We had sooo much fun Niki and I'm head over heals for these photos! Can't even wait to see them all. You are so so good!

Thanks so much for making it so easy and fun!
Ed, Jill and Baby Will


Great work!! I am a friend of Jill's, but have seen your work before! I LOVE the fishing pic since it's something a little different :-)

Heather Gibb

Wow, these are super! The 2nd picture of mom and Will is priceless~~

Nichol Krupp

Thank you so much everyone. I loved doing this session and working with someone who I have thought was a pretty incredible artist herself for quite sometime now.

I have tons of great ones that I cannot wait to share with mom and dad. Thanks for the kind words.



wow- AMAZING!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous work, lucky you... and lucky them. :)


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